The cost of retaining a lawyer is often one of the first (and scariest) questions anyone charged with a criminal offence asks and often one of the most important considerations when deciding which lawyer you choose to retain.

The answer, however, is based on the complexity of each case and nature of the criminal charges you are faced with. To simplify the issues relating to costs, Mr. Michael does not normally charge on a per hour basis and instead charges a fixed rate, or “block fee”, for different stages of the proceeding. This provides each client with an element of transparency and certainty with respect to our fees, as all costs will be clearly outlined during your initial consultation (or shortly thereafter).

Payment Plans
Mr. Michael recognizes that you may not be in a position to pay the fees in their entirety at the moment you decide to retain our offices. For this reason, clients are afforded the convenience of reasonable payment plans that can be arranged directly with Mr. Michael should you wish to retain our offices.

Legal Aid
In some cases, Mr. Michael also accepts cases on a Legal Aid certificate; however, this decision is made on a case-by-case basis. To determine if our offices will be prepared to accept your case on Legal Aid, please contact our offices and arrange a free consultation today.

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